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Corum Admirals Cup Challenge 44 Black & Gold Replica watch 753.691.93/F371 AN32

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Corum Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender: How the Admiral Cup falls behind

The favorite Corum product of the current collection watch is the Admiral's Cup.Corum Admirals Cup Seafender replica, Based on the rowing race that no longer exists, the original Admiral Cup watch began in the 1980s as an original yacht watch worn on deck or deck with yacht shoes and captain's cap. The Admiral Cup series logo for so long is a 12-sided case with a colored flag-shaped logo on the hour mark. The latter has been largely depreciated because the color on most new Admiral Cup watches no longer exists. Many new Admiral Cup watches are still pretty cool. However, for watches like the Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender (which is interesting in my own way), I think the original theme and personality of the Admiral Cup series has been officially abandoned.

When the Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT was released in 2011, we actually launched the Seafender version of the Admiral's Cup watch for the first time. Corum, 47 mm wide, decided to assemble it in the yacht watch collection to produce an aluminum tourbillon. There is also a 18k rose gold version. Although these Seafender tourbillons are really interesting, I found that there is nothing to put them in the Admiral's cup-shaped case. The diamond model above has one of the strangest personalities I have seen throughout the year. Even if it weren't for me, it was not a good thing, but to change the DNA of the Admiral's Cup series, so that it almost lost its meaning.

On paper, the Corum Admiral Cup chronograph tourbillon 47 Seafender chronograph sounds like a good idea. It has many interesting features and smooth materials, so the sum of its parts can actually be very attractive. Instead, we have a swiss made replicas watches like Cadillac with the Abrams tank. These worlds of aggressive luxury boating and high-end complications are not well integrated in my eyes.

Instead of pairing the tourbillon with the GMT complex, the Seafender combines the tourbillon and chronograph with the dial of the date. Powering the watch is the CO 398 self-winding watch with good caliber. If you remember the first Corum Seafender watch I said, the movement looks better than the dial. The CO 398 movement is rare and is the automatic device for the tourbillon. Most importantly, its tourbillon operates at 4 Hz. The 60-minute chronograph is based on the column wheel and has a beautiful tourbillon window on the dial (with the Corum logo on it). This dial is much more complicated than the Seafender GMT, but the version with a small round cut diamond in the sub dial is not good for me. Let me ask you,

The Tourbillon 47 Chronograph is an Admiral's Cup only in the case of Admiral. Nothing about the movement or appearance feels like a logical extension of the Admiral's cup DNA. Things like this have become more meaningful in the Romulus series. The relative popularity of the Admiral's Cup series makes it a hotbed of almost all new concepts that Corum wants to release, which seems unfair. If they want to look back on their past, Corum will find them a great brand of design creativity and aesthetic creativity. I really hope that they will return the Admiral's Cup to some of the actual ocean or yacht features and create a new visual reference for the parts that they want to include the tourbillon chronograph.HUBLOT MP-02 Key of Time replica

Because of their vulnerability, I have never really liked a watch with an aluminum case. Corum claims that the watch's aluminum case has some type of "ceramic" coating to provide a dark gray tone. Does this mean that there is some ceramic coating on the case that makes it strong? I am not sure, that is not what they said. Although I can say that I am still not a loyal supporter of the matte gray surface of the case. In short, I think Corum really lacks design opportunities for high-complexity products like this. Keep any remaining characters in the Admiral's Cup collection and make it a collection again. When it comes to tourbillons or the use of novel materials and manufacturing methods, it may be better to design a new series than to give a name like "Seafender". I'm sure most people will argue that there is no business paired with the tourbillon. .

Corum Ti-Bridge Power Reserve watch hands-on

This is probably the most interesting and useful of the Corum masculine Ti-Bridge watches. It's Ti-Bridge 3-Day Power Reserve (I'll call it "Ti-Bridge Power Reserve" for short), and if you're interested in style and Corum Bridge concepts, there's a lot to be like.

One of Corum's main products is the “Bridge”, also known as the “Golden Bridge” watch series. They have a very elegant linear motion that can be vertically aligned and suspended in a barrel-shaped case. Although the design of Jinqiao is really interesting, even men's wear has never felt masculine. Although Corum said that this is not the case in Asia. very fair. For the rest of the world, they need a more playful Bridge watch that can encapsulate the same movement concept. Therefore, the Ti-Bridge watch was born.

The name "Ti" in the name stands for titanium, which is the material of the watch itself and the movement bridge. For this series of watches (originally released a few years ago), Corum placed a linear movement on its side and added some neat X-shaped bridges to hold the movement in place. Under this positioning, Corum was able to create a different style of case, which is an adult barrel-shaped case, 42.5 mm wide and 52.5 mm high. The curved case is perfect for the wrist, bold and fun. There is no doubt that this is the best choice for watch movement lovers, as you can see the movement of gears and movements almost in erotic form. I love to hide very few things...Audemars Piguet replica Watches

The Ti-Bridge power reserve combines the Corum CO107 hand-wound movement with a full three-day power reserve. My favorite part is the linear power reserve indicator on the right side of the dial. The red box's arrow indicator moves up and down on the indicator meter, which is useful, but does not occupy the local power reserve. I will say it again, if I have to wear a hand-wound watch, it is best to have a power reserve indicator. With the goal of destroying this movement with an automatic rotor, Corum is really smart, adding to this complexity and making the Ti-Bridge series even more popular.

The movement has been carefully designed to look beautiful, even if the color is dark, it is not difficult to appreciate the details. Another important addition to the dial is the actual minute and hour indicator on the periphery of the flange ring. It doesn't seem to be much, but it does allow a certain degree of readability. Hands are definitely on the short side, but reading time is not a problem.

Another really good part of the movement is depth. Corum also installed a rear half on the back of the watch, which is very good, so you don't have to keep an eye on your arm. There is only one opening strip under the movement. The Jinqiao watch has more open sapphire windows in front of the case, and sometimes even on the side. More benefits for women than men (at least not as many women as hair). The Ti-Bridge collection "covets" Corum's wrists.

The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve case itself is made of titanium and has a good fit, finish and interesting design. With a long and complete line and brushed surface, it has an industrial appearance appeal. I really like Corum's bracelet for designing this watch. I think this really improves the overall look of the watch. Although if you want to use it on a rubber strap, Ti-Bridge Power Reserve can also be used with one of them. Overall, I think the Ti-Bridge Power Reserve is a very interesting watch for the weak, and next to Corum's most popular Admiral's Cup collection is the brand's unique watch.U-BOAT Chimera replica watches


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